We offer you the entire range of materials for high temperature insulation. These can be supplied as semi-finished products or cut to size, stamped products, milled products or components. We can also supply you with the corresponding high-temperature adhesives and anchoring systems. We are happy to support or take over the assembly of the products for you – according to your wishes and possibilities.

Information / Qualities

AES – The AES qualities are alkaline earth silicate wool. The AES wool consists of a combination of CaO, MgO and SiO2. These materials have a so-called biosolubility (correct: materials with a low bio-resistance) and are not classified.

PAS – The PAS qualities are potassium aluminium silicate wool (potassium aluminosilicates). The PAS wools consist of a combination of K2O, Al2O3 and SiO2. These materials have a so-called biosolubility (correct: materials with a low bio-resistance) and are not classified.

RCF – The RCF qualities are aluminium silicate wool (refractory ceramic fiber). The RCF wools consist of a combination of Al2O3, SiO2 and possibly ZrO2. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed again in 2001 that Group 2B (“potentially carcinogenic to humans”) remains the appropriate classification for RCF high temperature wool.

PCW – The PCW grades are aluminium silicate wool with an Al2Ocontent > 72% (up to 99% Al2Odepending on the grade) These qualities are used either at operating temperatures > 1300 °C and for special chemical requirements (e.g. in hydrogen containing atmospheres). The PCW qualities are not classified, despite a similar chemical composition as RCF fibres.

Classification temperature

The classification temperature is defined as a temperature at which, after 24 hours of exposure to a neutral atmosphere, the shrinkage of plates and moulded parts is a maximum of 2% and that of mats and papers a maximum of 4%. However, the shrinkage is not yet complete.
This means that the application temperature of the products, in practice and in a neutral atmosphere, should be 100 °C to 200 °C below the classification temperature. Polycrystalline wool products can generally be used up to the classification temperature.

High temperature wool mats

KTI AES 1200 mat, KTI AES 1300 mat, KTI PAS 1400 mat KTI RCF 1260 mat, KTI RCF 1430 mat KTI PCW 1600 mat

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Insulating papers and seals

KTI AES 1200 Paper, KTI AES 1300 Paper, KTI AES 1400 Paper, KTI RCF 1260 Paper, KTI RCF 1430 Paper, KTI PCW 1600 Paper

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Microporous insulation plates

KTI MP 1000 Ultra, KTI MP 1100 High

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Board plates and block plates

KTI AES Blok 800, KTI AES Blok 1000, KTI AES Blok 1100 KTI AES Board 900, KTI AES Board 900 H, KTI AES Board 1000, KTI AES Board 1100 LTI, KTI AES Board 1100 INO, KTI AES Board 1300, KTI RCF Board 1260, KTI RCF Board 1400

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Cords and packings

KTI AES cord KTI RCF cord KTI AES pack KTI RCF pack

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Fibre silicates

KTI FS 400, KTI FS 500, KTI FS 850

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Calcium silicates

KTI CS 1000, KTI CS 1000 L, KTI CS 1100, KTI CS 1100 Super

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Lightweight refractory bricks

KTI FL 23, KTI FL 24, KTI FL 26, KTI FL 28, KTI FL 30, KTI FL 32

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Adhesive and Mortar

KTI adhesive type K2, KTI adhesive type K3, KTI adhesive type K4

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Anchoring systems

Anchoring systems such as plug-in anchors, chamber anchors, threaded bolts, bayonet bolts, assembly clips, press-on clips, ceramic cup locks and expanded metal

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Founding KTI

Founding KTI The desire for high-temperature insulation arises everywhere in industry where processes and applications require it to be hot or become hot. We ensure

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